General Terms and Conditions for DIY Whole Sale BBQ

1. Payment shall be made by PayPal Credit Card Payment System before the delivery.

2. It is recommended that delivery requet should be made 2 or 3days before the actual delivery date and the delivery service hour is 10am to 7pm from Monday to Thursday.

3. After the order confirmation, BBE.SG will contact you for the details of delivery date and time.

4. SGD15.00 of delivery charge is subject to be applied to the order less than SGD200.00

5. Cancellation of the order after the delivery is not allowed.

6. Delivery shall be made only from Monday to Thursday and the meat shall be kept in fridge (temperature between 2°C to 6°C) right after the delivery. The BBQ meat shall be consumed within 5days after the delivery date. BBE.SG Pte Ltd is not responsible for any spoilage of the product caused by negligence of above mentioned instruction by the customer.

7. It is strongly required to consume the delivered BBQ product before the expiry date which is marked on the package

8. Actual weight, size and quantity may varies about +/- 5%