General TErms and conditions for Private Chef Service

1. The Private Chef Service from BBE.SG is charged based on 'the Number of Guests'.

The Customer who is making the Contract with BBE.SG for the party or event should decide and guarantee 'the Minimum Number of Guests' in advance.

2. For the official reservation, the Customer is required to make a non-refundable deposit which is 50% of the Contract Price by Credit Card Payment or Bank

Transfer. The Credit Card payment request by PayPal® will be sent to the Customer's e-mail address. The Customer also can transfer fund by bank transfer to the following company account.

* Company Name :BBE.SG Pte Ltd

* DBS Current Account No: 074-901701-5 (Bank Code : 7171, Branch Code : 074)

3. After the official reservation with the Customer's deposit, 'the Number of Guests' can be increased from 'the Minimum Number of Guests' but it can not be

decreased. 'The increased Number of Guests' on the event day shall be counted and agreed by both the Customer and the Representative of BBE.SG.

4. The balance payment of the Contract price shall be made at the site on the same day of the event to the Representative of BBE.SG and the payment cannot

be delayed. BBE.SG shall be entitled to charge the Customer 'Late Payment Interest' on the overdue amount at the rate of 0.5% per day.

5. In case the Customer cancel the event after making the confirmation with deposit, the Customer should waive his or her deposit of 50% of the Contract price. The Customers are kindly requested to understand this risk before making the official reservation.

6. Generally our service is 5 hours. We arrive 1 hour before the event start for the preparation and perform the cooking and catering service for 4 hours which

is generally adequate for most of occasions.